Welcome to my Bodywork Chamber

"First question most people ask me is "Why do you call it a chamber?"

Well I decided it sounded a lot better than what my clients wanted me to call it lol. The treatments can be painful or a produce some discomfort during the service. Clients would say "you should make this place a dungeon." I responded with "I really don't think having the word "Dungeon on my door would send out the right vibe here lol". So one day I decided to do The Bodywork Chamber which is in my opinion a little better than "Dungeon" lol.

The reason the treatment can create discomfort is because you are use to walking around with your muscles un aligned, most people have "text neck" Your circulation is poor and you have blockages throughout your body, Your lymphatic system is stuck in stagnation, Your body and mind "mindbody" holds stress, most people do not drink enough water throughout the day so the muscles get dried out like a dieing plant, and much more. When you get onto my table I am literally restructuring your body and muscles putting everything back where it has been meant to be. Muscle has memory and it does take more than one session to completely fix the issues at hand but most issues are fixable.

If this treatment is painful or creates discomfort why do people get it?

It is the after affects that the treatment creates. Better posture, better circulation, a well running lymphatic system helps to remove toxins from your body and helps with tension around the muscles, Better sleep, Better range of motion, better sports performances, feeling or sensing a better balance in the body overall. I have weekly clients, bi weekly clients, and monthly clients. I rarely see someone for just one session because again muscle has memory, and unfortunately muscle memory is really good, so I am breaking the patterns and re training your muscles, as well as, your mindbody to stay connected with open communication.

Retrain your brain for the changes you want. After you leave I do give you some "Homeplay" to do and that helps with the retraining. normally I will see someone weekly for 6-10 weeks and then if they choose they can go to bi weekly or monthly depending on their daily activities and routines.

I love what I do, I am extremely passionate about what I do. I enjoy connecting with people and helping them feel better on a daily basis. It warms my heart when my clients come back and tell me all of their improvements for that week or the time between our sessions.