Why combine Hypnosis and Holistic Bodywork?

Our body and mind are connected, communicating with one another on a level that cognitively we do not notice. We are too absorbed in other things around us and we really need to reconnect to ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why out of nowhere you may get a pain somewhere? or your muscles start to get tight and feel, or you may sense fatigue, shooting pains, Headaches? etc.

If you do not address your stress.Take time to clear your mind or rest your mind. All of those issues leak out into your body. Creating pain and dysfunction, illness, and sometimes even disease.

I designed an approach to this that does not only help you clear your mind but also rid your body of any trapped or hindering emotions that may be causing you pain, fatigue, stress, illness etc..

I combine hypnotic suggestions, Energy Medicine, and intuitive bodywork. While we work together in addressing each discomfort area throughout your body. Applying some deep rhythmic bodywork we can also speak to the mind. Opening a door to allow the emotions and feelings that are attached to the discomfort area to be released.

This is a phenomenal treatment that gets results after 1 treatment.

90Min. $275.00