Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do your treatments hurt?

Pain tolerance is not an issue, I only work as much as your body will allow. If you are currently experiencing pain on a daily basis that has led you to book an appointment then you are looking for relief. These treatments can cause a little discomfort due the fact that your body is already out of muscular alignment, most of the time some people do not drink enough water so it creates dryness in the tissues and also creates stagnant fluids and circulation throughout the body. After the treatment you are left feeling or sensing a positive change throughout your body. you are able to move better, sleep better, have better performance, better digestion, more energy (some of the reports from others who have had these treatments).

How many sessions do I need?

I do consultations during our first session together.

Every "body" is different. We all heal differently, it also depends on what you are doing when you leave the session ( are you watching your posture on a daily basis? What  do you do for work? etc. I will also give you exercises to do, stretches, and instead of the word "homework" I like to use the word that I was taught by one of my amazing mentors "homeplay". Most of this "homeplay" includes mindbody therapy exercises making sure there is a strong connection for information to travel back and fourth.

We cannot control aging but we can control how we feel or think on a daily basis.

How long are your sessions?

Generally they last about an hour. Depending on the person I am seeing and their condition I may suggest 90 Minutes to start out. However, I do not do 90Min. sessions regularly for this type of therapy once everything is worked out and the muscles, posture, Mindybody connections, and communications throughout the body are retrained. These things are discussed in our first consultation session.